Ground Handler

Ground Handler

Single and Double-stud fittings

The title of this article could have been «Small Items with a Big Job To Do».  Most air cargo of

ULD Transfers between Different Parties

With very few exceptions, ULD spend most of their existence in the possession of companies who do not own them. 

AC 120-85

If you spend a lot of time on ULD matters, you will probably hear mentioned AC 120-85.  Although this document

ULD and Limitations

While we may not be aware of them, we all have limitations; how fast we can run or how much

TSO System Explained

For those people whose job specifically involves the management of ULD, the term TSO is probably one with which they

Temperature Controlled Containers (TCC’s)

The movement of temperature-sensitive healthcare products by air has undergone an amazing growth in the past few years. Airlines now

Policy on ULD and the Use of Forklifts

In recent weeks, the IATA ULD Panel was asked to provide input regarding ULD facilities. The request came from another

Training and ULD – Managing the Human Factor

Have you ever wondered how many trainings you have undertaken? For those of us who fly, you can include the

Life limitations of ULD

The question “what is the life of a ULD” is asked quite frequently and until recently the answer was generally

IATA ULD Regulations 2nd Edition Published

January 2014 sees the publication of the second edition of the IATA ULD Regulations. One might well ask, coming just