Newsletter no 34 – September 2020

Newsletter no 34 – September 2020

Had it not been for COVID-19, this week we would have been gathering in Vienna for the annual ULD CARE
  Newsletter no 33 – July 2020
23.07.2020 | CARE, Headline, ULD CARE news

Newsletter no 33 – July 2020

When we posted our last newsletter back in February COVID-19 was still in its infancy and we were probably quite

Carrying cargo in passenger compartments

 Carrying cargo in passenger compartments  

Connecting ULD with their owners

ULD Tagging Every day of the year hundreds of thousands of ULD move around the world, delivering baggage and cargo

  Airports and ULD
27.10.2017 | Airport, Basics, Movement, Storage

Airports and ULD

Airports, love them or hate them, the airline industry cannot do without them, and indeed have little choice about which

  Knowledge is the key to safe and effective ULD operations
21.07.2017 | Library, Training

Knowledge is the key to safe and effective ULD operations

It is realistic to say that every aspect of aviation is knowledge based, the combination of high technology, the potential

All about the Weight and Balance Manual

During a presentation on ULD at the 2016 IATA Ground Handling Conference the audience was asked to indicate whether they

Certified and Non Certified ULD explained

One of the fairly common questions that comes up around ULD is “ What’s all this about Certified and Non-Certified

ULD Transfer – Moving into the 21st century

The transfer of ULD from airline to airline has been going on for a great many years and indeed the

Straps 2016: A New Era

Air cargo straps, aka cargo straps,tie down straps or just plain straps are probably one of the  most misunderstood components

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