TSO System Explained

For those people whose job specifically involves the management of ULD, the term TSO is probably one with which they

  Life Time Limitations of ULDs – Part II
24.04.2014 | Basics, CARE

Life Time Limitations of ULDs – Part II

This is a continuation of the article published in our newsletter no. 6 in which the life time limitation of

Life limitations of ULD

The question “what is the life of a ULD” is asked quite frequently and until recently the answer was generally

IATA ULD Regulations 2nd Edition Published

January 2014 sees the publication of the second edition of the IATA ULD Regulations. One might well ask, coming just

ULD and Responsibility

To a casual observer of airport or air cargo operations ULDs might seem to somehow manage themselves.  The view from

  Alphabet Soup unscrambled…
27.06.2013 | Basics, CARE

Alphabet Soup unscrambled…

A layman’s guide to ULD Industry Acronyms, ULD Codes, and other Industry Terminology “Next September ULDP will meet in HKG

Regulations – Why Are They Needed?

Since the IATA ULD Regulations have just been published, why is such a document needed now?  Why don’t we just

ULD Explained