Checking a ULD for damage

It is quite likely that many readers of the ULD CARE newsletter will have observed, at some time or other,

Pallet Wings – adding extra volume to lower deck loads

Pallet extenders or “wings”, as they are commonly called, have been in use for many years, providing an effective method

Fire Containment and Lithium Batteries

Over the past few months and indeed few years, there has been an enormous amount of discussion in various forums

  Lost Uld
30.04.2015 | CARE, General

Lost Uld

A recent request by a member of ULD CARE for any information we might have on lost ULD triggered the

ULD Transport

The sight of a dolly train of ULDs moving around an airport or a truck loaded with ULDs moving down

Managing 16 and 20 ft pallets

Virtually any airline operating freighter aircraft will at some time or other use 16 and 20 feet pallets. Indeed these

Cargo nets are aircraft parts too!

Cargo nets are one of the most widely abused and most misunderstood components of the air cargo industry. Despite their

ULD and Pull Straps

You are highly unlikely to see any kind of air cargo container that is not equipped with some kind of

ULD Identification Codes demystified

Most persons working in the airline or air cargo industry would be at least peripherally aware that ULD carry some

Single and Double-stud fittings

The title of this article could have been «Small Items with a Big Job To Do».  Most air cargo of

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