I’m a ULD…

I need special operating knowledge when Im a special type of unit or carrying special cargo.


1. Only operate any kind of special purpose ULD after receiving appropriate training.
2. Always refer to the equipment manaufacturers instructions.
3. Where any cargo is not loaded under a net or has any unusual charatcteristics consult the airline specialist before build up.


Special ULD such as TCC, animal conatiners, etc, and also any cargo that is not loaded under a net a, requiring special restraint, needs specialist operational competence if safety and performance are not to be compromised. Before handling such special ULD and Cargo staff must undergo relevant training and consult OEM instructions.

Over the years as the air cargo indusrty has evolved to carry a wider and wider range of products a number of different proceedures have come into being that require use of special equipment and/or proceedures, attempting to carry out these proceedures without proper competence can lead to a wide range of unintended consequences.

Primarily aircraft safety is put at risk, while additionally the cargo requiring special equipment or proceedures may be damaged.

Before handling any kind of special purpose ULD or any kind of cargo requiring special restraint ensure that staff have undertaken the nescessary training and have access to the nescessary instructions