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As a member of ULD Care, you’ll be part of a unique community of airfreight industry professionals, offering you numerous benefits all year round!

Annual Conferences

Gather with ULD players at conferences designed entirely for you

Network Experts

Be part of a world-renowned network of industry experts in over 100 countries


Share best practices and problem-solving together

Latest Trends

Keep abreast of all the latest trends affecting your industry


Improve your knowledge of ULD operations and management, and benchmark yourself against your competitors


Raise awareness of the use of ULDs

Exclusive forums

Participate in exclusive forums on leadership and innovation

Unique IULDUG system

benefit from precise, comprehensive control of your ULDs

Internal control system

Complement your internal control system for your ULDs with a more global, neutral system

ULDs worldwide

Track your ULDs worldwide and facilitate inter‑company ULD movements

Centralized inventory

Get real-time tracking of ULD movements and benefit from a centralized ULD inventory database


Benefit from weekly and monthly reports and full visibility on ULDs that are overdue or not returned


Automatically calculate demurrage on a daily basis

Lost or found

View or consult lost or found units


Get customized training

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In its expanded role to promote compliance to regulatory requirements in ULD operations throughout the global air cargo environment, a membership in ULD CARE is a must for all ULD owners and stakeholders and is therefore addressed to:

Airlines members

Non-Airlines members

Cargo Terminal Operators
Civil Aviation Authorities
Freight Forwarders
Ground Handlers
Leasing Companies
Pooling Companies
Shippers / Consignees
Surface Transport Providers
ULD Manufacturers
ULD Repair Facilities

Industry Stalwarts

at the heart of the action!




airlines members


non-airlines members

Becoming a member is quick, easy and essential for all industry players!

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