ULD CARE is focused on the future

While we clearly cannot ignore the current challenges faced by the airline industry, ULD CARE remains committed to its mission of being a catalyst for the development of positive change in the way that ULDs are operated.

This means we have continued to push ahead with various initiatives which we believe will be beneficial to the air cargo industry in general and to ULD operations in particular.

In this regard, we are fortunate in that over the past few years, a number of new technologies have emerged which appear to offer considerable opportunities for application in ULD operations, including but not limited to blockchain, smartphone apps, APIs and virtual reality.

The core fundamentals for a ULD remain the same: delivering flight safety with the lightest possible tare weight while operating in a generally unfriendly environment. As a result, airlines face the challenge of ensuring regulatory compliance while enduring never-ending repair bills.

ULD CARE believes that with these new technologies now readily available, it makes sense to direct our resources towards applying these new technologies to improve the way ULDs are operated in the air cargo industry. This will eliminate the all-too-common unnecessary waste that has plagued this vital component of air cargo operations for so many years.

Development of dedicated uld Apps 

With practically every aspect of our lives involving, in some way or another, apps on our smart phones it would be remiss of ULD CARE not to take advantage of this all-encompassing technology with the capabilities it delivers. It seems obvious to ULD CARE that more and more of air cargo related activities will involve the use of smart phone apps to connect “on the spot” operators with the data they need to do the job and keep them connected with various  central systems.

And there is no reason why ULD should be left out of this new technology, so ULD CARE is now in the process of developing, directly and indirectly two apps which we believe will benefit ULD operations and we have no doubt this these two will not be the last.

The first of these apps will greatly improve the checking of cargo straps on special cargo, taking advantage of augmented reality functions on many smartphones to compare an actual special cargo strap installation with the required installation, so facilitating an on the spot reliable safety check.

The second app which is now in Beta testing is an e-UCR, replacing the traditional paper-based system, in use for about 50 years, with a digital equivalent.

ULD CARE expects to see more such digital solutions coming along before long.


Dedicated to the air cargo industry



IULDUG is the multilateral ULD Control System of ULD CARE. Used by most major airlines to track interline movements of ULDs. A complete overhaul of this tool is actually underway. Based on the blockchain, the updated version will be adapted to today’s needs.
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ULD CARE - VR training and eLearning

Virtual Reality Training & eLearning

One of the main concerns of ULD CARE is safety. In order to enable adequate training, ULD CARE and Airport College have joined forces to create virtual tools to transmit essential knowledge to all players in the industry.

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ULD CARE - Code of conduct

Code of Conduct

The ULD Code of Conduct developed by ULD CARE is designed to create a foundation for all players in the air cargo industry to deliver safe, cost effective and sustainable ULD operations and handling.
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