I’m a ULD…

I need to be move and transported carefully and without damage.


1. Moving and transporting ULD needs proper care to prevent damage.
2. Forklifts should only be  used to move ULD in approved conditions.
3. ULD need to be secured correctly to any transport device


Equipment used for transport must be correctly designed and used and 100% compliance with all operating proceedures be observed at all times, otherwise moving and transporting ULD can lead to serious damage

As lightweight aircraft equipmemt ULD require correct proceedures for moving, whether just across a  warehouse floor or 1000 Km on a truck. The use of incorrect transport equipmment, particularly forklifts, and processes  is very likley to lead to damage.

Damage to ULD caused by forklifts is extremely common, yet this is still very often the default method of moving ULD around a warehouse! Forklifts may be used in some operations, but only with proper care by the operator and only for approved operations. Forklift damage is probably the #1 cause of ULD damage.

Remove all risks out of ULD movement by providing sufficient suitable equipment. Use slave pallets for moving empty and/or built up ULD inside a terminal. Use correctly sized dollies for ramp transport and when moving ULD by road use suitable methods to secure the ULD against movement.

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