I’m a ULD…

I provide flight safety by restraining cargo and baggage during flight


1. Always take into account that the ULD’s #1 function is to restrain cargo during flight.
2. The safety of the crew, passengers and aircraft are dependent on the cargo being securely restrained.
3. The use of damaged or incorrectly loaded ULD will cause damage to  the aircraft structure and systems


Building up a ULD is advance cargo loading and handling a ULD is handling a piece of aircraft equipment. These activities shall only be performed following established proceedures, with no room for guess work

Even the simplest air cargo operations may involve the ULD passing through many different parties, and unless all are fully aware that they are working with an item of aircraft equipment which will perform a flight safety function then when in flight the ULD can and will become the weakest link in the flight safety chain.

ULD get treated like general purpose material handling equipment, ending up on board the aircraft in an unsafe condition which, if exposed to extreme flight conditions such as heavy turbulence can result in cargo shifts/damage to the aircraft and its systems

Develop an in house awareness that when working with ULD one is working with a piece of aircraft equipment that delivers flight safety