I’m a ULD…

I need to be stored in a safe and damage free location


1. Any ULD requires proper storage when not being used.
2. Use correct storage to prevent damage to ULD from other equipment.
3. Move ULD in and out of storage using damage free methods


ULD are lightweight aircraft equipment, designed to provide cargo restraint during flight. ULD storage must both protect the ULD from damage by other equipment, keep the ULD secure from wind and jet blast, and be such that the ULD may be placed into and retrieved from the storage without damage

ULD are aircraft equipmemt and are designed to be as light as possible while delivering their required flight safety function, safe storage is essential. ULD stoarge facilities may range from large to small, automated to manual, costly to cheap,but they must always meet the basic requirement of adequately protecting the ULD while in storage and making it possible to place and retrieve ULD without damage.

Incorrect storage methods generate a great deal of damage to ULD, both because the storage itself does not provide sufficient protection or because moving the ULD in and out of storage cannot be achieved without risk of damage to the ULD.

Provide sufficient and suitable permanent storage for containers, pallets , nets and accessories. Establish procedures for proper temporary storage to be put in place in periods of excess ULD requiring storage. All storage should protect the ULD from damage by other equipment particularly forklifts.

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