I’m a ULD…

I need to be handled with the same respect as a contaienr or a pallet.


1. Treat ULD accessories with respect, they are part of the “safety chain”.
2. Only use approved ULD accessories that belong to the airline whose ULD is being loaded.
3. Inspect any ULD acccessory before use.


Accessory items such as cargo straps and fittings may appear small and of little significance however they are just as important to flight safety  and must be used correctly at all times.

ULD accessories must never be tretaed as unimportant, yet all too often this is the case, left to lie in piles on the ground with little care and attention and often used without a proper understanding of the correct application or in an unserviceable condition.

An accessory such as a cargo strap can become the weakest link in the chain, resulting in unsafe cargo condition.

Establish suitable facilities for the damage free and controlled storage of ULD accessories. Provide training and instructions for the use of any ULD accessory.