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If you are a ULD CARE Member and already have your dedicated Username and Password, you may access the IULDUG System here.

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What is the iULDG System?

IULDUG is the multilateral ULD Control System of ULD CARE. It is a global and neutral system that complements airline in-house ULD control systems.  The IULDUG System facilitates the interline movements of ULDs amongst its users and tracks their ULDs worldwide when they are outside the control of their owner carrier.

The IULDUG System offers a centralized database of all the participants’ ULD inventory and processes ULD movements on a real-time basis. It produces weekly and monthly reports assisting in the speedy return of each ULD to its owner while, at the same time, compensating the owner for the temporary absence of its ULD from its own use by calculating demurrage on a daily basis. IULDUG controls over 60,000 transfer transactions annually.

IULDUG is a web-based secure system with an easy access protected by exclusive Username and password controls. Participants must be members of ULD CARE to be able to access the IULDUG System.

Advantages of the iULDG System

Most major airlines have their own in-house ULD control system, which are either computerized or manual.  These internal systems only cover online movements. The IULDUG System provides the missing link and controls ULDs when they are interlined.

Protection of Investment

Unit Load Devices (ULDs) are expensive assets for an airline. The protection of Investment works by the levying of a demurrage charge, which is credited to the owner (after five 5 free days). This demurrage compensates for the temporary absence of the unit.

Reduction in Turn-Around Time

In most transactions between participants, the unit is returned within less than five (5) days. This means better utilization of existing equipment. One airline participant found the average return time of a unit was reduced from twenty-two (22) days before joining to approximately nine (9) days after joining. As a result, this airline did not have to purchase additional ULDs.

Inventory Control

Through its reporting functionalities (real-time, weekly and monthly), the IULDUG System can provide information to each participant on how many of its ULD units are with other participants at a particular moment. The ULD inventory exercise thereby becomes much more accurate.

Greater Awareness by Field Staff

All participants report greater awareness by field staff of the high price of ULDs. All participants reported the repair frequency of units given to IULDUG participants is half the repair frequency of units given to other airlines or shippers.

Increased Interline Traffic

IULDUG participants tend to interline ULDs as much as possible with other IULDUG participants because they are assured of the control of their ULDs and at the same time realize compensation (demurrage) for such units while out of their system. Interlining with non-participants can result in the loss of a valuable ULD.

Better ULD Control System

The current IULDUG System was introduced in 2009 to offer the users a more user-friendly experience. One of its new features is a valuable Lost and Found online functionality where members can post lost units or found units for the benefits of the other participants.

For some highlights and screenshots of the IULDUG System functionalities, just click on the following PDF document.

Icone PDFIULDUG System Instructions

For more information or if you would like to become a participant and have access to the IULDUG System, please contact us.