Newsletter no 47 – July 2022

ULD CARE | Conference in Athens

As July is almost over, we are now just a few weeks away from meeting up face to face in Athens. If you are a member, or if you wish to become a member and have not yet registered, please contact Danielle at


Airline industry’s troubles

Once again, the airline industry’s troubles are making headlines. This time the stories are about airport congestion and delayed baggage. There might even be some of our readers that have had to deal with such problems. Now, while ULD issues have not gotten much press, it is hard to imagine that there is not a fair amount of “behind the scenes” issues. Not to mention collateral damage to the equipment.

The Chinese character

The Chinese character for crisis is made up of two symbols: “danger” and “change point” (often said to be “opportunity”). With the industry in the grip of multiple crises, there are indeed opportunities for change. And when it comes to ULD operations, ULD CARE is absolutely taking advantage of this opportunity to move ahead on a number of fronts, addressing the key pain points that have belaboured ULD operations for years.

Cargo and ULD

Compared to many other sectors of the airline industry, cargo and ULD have done rather well during the past 2 years. Putting us in better shape than others to move ahead. The Athens Conference will therefore be a great opportunity to once again meet up face to face, take a long hard look at where things are at and formulate plans for the future. As ULD CARE is your organization, we need and want to hear your views.

Air Cargo Handling and Logistics Conference

As an added bonus, this year’s event is organized in partnership with Air Cargo Handling and Logistics Conference. While ULD CARE has its own separate meeting area, we will share a common area for networking breaks and lunches. There will therefore be plenty of opportunities to interact with the wider industry. We are also planning to include a number of ACH delegates in our panel discussions.

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Urs, Bob and Danielle are all looking
forward to meeting you in Athens!

τα λέμε στην Αθήνα