Newsletter no 56 – December 2023

ULD Care | The Future Is Now

End of year newsletter

With the end of 2023 approaching rapidly, it is time for the traditional ULD CARE end-of-year newsletter.

So, to wrap this year up, here are a couple of personal notes.

First of all, we need to bid farewell to Frank Mühlenkamp who, after six years with Jettainer, is moving on to a position with Lufthansa. We therefore welcome Gert Pfeifer who, at least for the time being, will take on Frank’s role on ULD CARE’s board. And, of course, we extend our gratitude to Frank for his contributions over the past six years and wish him every success in his new position.

Secondly, given that the IATA WCS will take place in Hong Kong during the month of March of next year, it is appropriate to say that Hong Kong is booming once again. And for those of you who do manage to attend this event, you will find a city that, despite the negative press, is actually bustling with exciting developments. Just the airport in itself is hardly recognizable.

We send you all our season’s greetings and we extend our sincere thanks for your participation in ULD CARE throughout 2023. We look forward to a productive and exciting 2024!