ULD CARE Latest News August 2016

ULD CARE Annual Conference in Los Angeles

The ULD CARE Annual Conference in Los Angeles will beat an attendance record with 116 expected delegates. The previous record was in Miami in 2011 (113 delegates). We had 104 last year in Bangkok. So Los Angeles wins the Gold – After all, this is an Olympic Year!!!

You can now see the final conference program and the expected attendance on our website.

This year’s program: 2016:  A ULD CARE ODYSSEY – SOLUTIONS FOR THE INDUSTRY will bring plenty of opportunities to Join the Conversation, especially with the 4 planned workshops:

Workshop #1.ULD Transfer and control.
The origins of ULD CARE lie in the management of ULD transfers- only between airlines in those days. Air Cargo has evolved from those early days into a multiparty platform, and keeping track of ULD movement presents increasing challenges to airlines. We have the IULDUG system, e-UCR is on the horizon, how best can ULD CARE encourage and support responsibility and superior standards around ULD transfer?

Workshop #2.Communications, Image and Outreach
ULD CARE is a communicator, how best to apply our financial and other resources to the best effect, promoting the ULD CARE message and image. The task of this workshop is to develop this aspect of ULD CARE’s strategy for the coming 12 months and beyond.

Workshop #3. Putting the ULD Solutions to Work – ULD Code of Practice
Workshop #4. Putting the ULD Solutions to Work – ULD Job Aid APP
When airlines handed off much of their ULD activity to ground and cargo handlers and freight forwarders it was generally taken for granted that these parties would have the necessary skills and knowledge to carry out ULD activity at the required levels.  Evidence tells us that this is not the way it worked out and that there are some significant gaps to be filled, which is where ULD CARE comes into the picture.

These workshops are about turning these ideas into reality, creating real change in the way ULD operations and handling are carried out.

Considering the Annual Conference is just around the corner, we are not issuing any new articles this month.  In closing this very short newsletter, we would like to recognize the generous support from our sponsors without whom ULD CARE could not hold such an event.

We want to thank them all very warmly for their contribution


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