ULD CARE Latest News June 2016

Amongst the noteworthy events of the last two months and probably at the top of the list would come the very successful one hour ULD presentation at the IATA Ground Handling Conference in Toronto (May 16-18), giving us access to an audience comprised of ground handlers and associated service companies.

Such an opportunity is worth its weight in gold. Bob Rogers (ULD CARE), Urs Wiesendanger (Air Canada), Randy Chappell (UPS) and Peter Hunt (IATA) delivered a fast moving and information packed presentation to an attentive audience. This is the fourth year that ULD content has appeared at IGHC. Starting from a very small introductory 10 minutes in Vancouver in 2013, we have now grown to be a significant contributor.
With the IGHC presentation behind us, the focus now turns to preparing for the ULD CARE Annual Conference at the end of August.
The theme for this year’s conference is…
2016: A ULD CARE Odyssey – Solutions for the Industry.

The program outline is now available on the website.  Those of you who have attended the last couple of years will have experienced our moving away from multiple presentations with limited audience involvement and instead developing towards a much more interactive format. This year we intend to take this one step further to continue our epic journey.  Definitely an event not to be missed!!! We will have full plenary sessions during the mornings only and leaving the afternoons free for a number of workshops with participants having the options to choose which they will participate in. We hope that this new format will not only prove to be more user-friendly but that it will also facilitate the development of the plans and strategies that we hope to implement over the subsequent months and years.  The combined ULD experience of the ULD CARE membership, measured in people years, must add up to a very considerable number.  It goes without saying that putting that experience to good use is always of value.
A major focus of this year’s conference will be the introduction of some exciting new tools and solutions.  Over the past 12 months or so, ULD CARE has been focusing its resources on developing material that can support our members in managing their ULD operations more safely and more efficiently.  It is our expectation that delegates will leave the Los Angeles conference well equipped to improve the manner in which the ULD they are responsible for are being operated and handled.
Work is continuing to set up the speakers and other special guests for the conference.  As it has been our ambition for the past few years, we are working hard to involve representatives of the related industries such as ground handling, freight forwarding, airports etc. in order to bring more depth to the conference.
Continuing on from last year, the IATA ULD Board will commence its 1.5 day meeting directly after the conclusion of the ULD CARE conference and we want to thank Palnet for making this possible.  ULD CARE members are welcome to sit in on the ULDB meeting as observers if they so wish.
In the last couple of months ULD has received more than average press coverage, with extensive articles in both Payload Asia and Ground Handling International. It is certainly most encouraging to see ULD getting greater coverage in the industry media these days.
ULD CARE has already highlighted the IATA ULD Safety Campaign, so we are delighted to now show how Air India has taken this initiative to heart, producing local language versions of the free to download posters and setting up a whole program around this initiative- impressive!!!  We are confident that other airlines will follow this example.
To conclude this newsletter and before going into this month’s featured articles, we have 2 different surveys we would like you to complete in preparation for the Los Angeles Annual Conference at the end of August. Your input will constitute the basis for one of the workshops.  For Survey 1, complete whatever you can and email your answers to louise.ladouceur@uldcare.com. Since Survey 2 is an automated survey, you do not need to email your answers once you are finished. Although these surveys may look similar to you, they are reflecting different perspectives and their results should serve us well in Los Angeles.
Survey 1:  Introducing the ULD CARE Code of Practice
Survey 2:  ULD Handling Questionnaire
Your feedback is very important and we thank you in advance for your participation. Please respond before July 28th.


Now for this month’s featured articles:

The latter two articles are most timely as both subjects will receive considerable cover during the conference.


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