Message from your New President

As your new President, it is my pleasure to share with you some of the highlights of the 2013 ULD CARE Annual Conference which just successfully concluded in Vancouver, Canada.

(See the article ULD CARE KICKS THE CAN IN YVR in the WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT US section.)

This year’s conference saw considerable change and innovation as ULD CARE works towards its vision that: Regardless of location or process, any ULD shall be handled, stored, transported and otherwise used in a responsible manner by persons who are suitably trained, managed and supported. This will result in the ULD assets being consistently operated in a safe and efficient manner.

Building on the existence of the new IATA ULD Regulations, considerable time was devoted to reviewing and discussing this important and recent development. ULD CARE has developed a 5 step implementation program for members to use to facilitate the implementation of the ULD Regulations. It is already available as a resource item on the ULD CARE website.

A major innovation at this year’s meeting was to have the timing and location coincident with the IGHC Ground Handling Conference at a venue nearby, enabling a degree of crossover between the two conferences. This first attempt at such an approach was found to work effectively, making it possible for ULD CARE to connect with related industry sectors. We will be asking the Vancouver attendees for their feedback in a questionnaire that will be sent shortly.

A further focus was on the subject of Risk Management – a common theme with the IGHC Conference. ULD CARE has also emphasized that ULD managers have to manage a number of risks. It was very encouraging to hear from experts in Risk Management about the tools available to perform this essential function.

This year’s conference also tackled, head on, some possible enhancements to the IATA ULD ID Code system (IATA SS 40/1). More information on this will be made available as work progresses.

We also heard presentations on:

  • Lithium Battery transport
  • ULD tracking system enhancements and innovations
  • Cold Chain ULD developments 
  • Industry updates (SAE – ISO – IATA CARGO ULD Panel – FAA – Airport Authority)

And, last but not least…

  • ULD CARE Advisory Group updates

Notably the UCR / eUCR Advisory Group offered a new design for a generic UCR/eUCR form. The intention is to submit the proposal for approval to the IATA ULD Panel. Once approved by this panel, the aim will be to have it included in the next edition of the IATA ULD Regulations. The starting point is the UCR form however an electronic (XML) version of the form will quickly follow. Once in place, it will provide the basis on which more effective and clear inter-company operational information will be able to flow.

Over the past 8 months there has been considerable progress on various areas within ULD CARE. This activity, along with our core business – the IULDUG System demurrage database – is pivotal to our continuing to act as a facilitator of ULD management – whether through day to day transactions or by assisting the implementation of ULD regulations through education.

Copies of the various presentations made in Vancouver are now available here. 

I welcome all of you to visit the website regularly and invite industry friends and colleagues to subscribe for free to receive the ULD CARE newsletter

The date and location of our next conference will be announced by the end of August 2013.

Finally, thank you to those who joined us in Vancouver. It was great to see you. Thank you also to all those who, over the past year, have worked so hard to make ULD CARE an important facilitator to an important part of the aviation industry.

Best regards,


Urs Wiesendanger
President, ULD CARE