ULD CARE has a brand new message for the world’s airlines and air cargo industry !!!

At last year’s ULD CARE conference in Mainz, those members present concluded on a number of initiatives they felt ULD CARE should be focusing on.  We are delighted to announce that at least two of those initiatives have already been implemented.

At IATA’s WCS in Shanghai during the second week of March, ULD CARE was proud to present on a number of occasions, including a top-level industry meeting, the brand-new ULD CARE video SOS ULD, and we are very proud to report that the responses were all extremely favorable.

There is probably not a member of ULD CARE who has not experienced the frustration that comes from dealing with people who simply do not “get” that ULD are aircraft parts that require proper handling and operation if they are to deliver their intended purpose.  SOS ULD would appear to be an effective tool to change this widespread lack of appreciation of ULD.

The video can be viewed at

Once on the home page, just select one of the 4 options that best describe your situation and you will access a personalized page with the link to the video.  The directors of ULD CARE would encourage all our members to use their email address books to the fullest possible extent in distributing the message about the existence of this video to as many people as possible.

It is our ambition that SOS ULD will achieve great response throughout the industry and be especially effective in two areas.

The first is assisting our members to communicate about the importance of ULD to their managers, colleagues, service providers, customers, etc. etc. etc.

The second is to assist us all in recruiting more people to join ULD CARE. Our target in particular has to be ground handlers/cargo terminals/freight forwarders but don’t let this limit us, anybody and everybody who has any involvement in ULD is a potential member and SOS ULD should be an ideal tool to convince them to join our ranks.

SOS ULD will not be the last initiative coming out of Mainz.  Others are in the pipeline and will be discussed at the Bangkok conference.   

In the meantime, we would like to offer anyone interested the opportunity to sponsor the subtitling of the video in any languages they feel appropriate.  The video is already available with Chinese subtitles but if there is an interest to sponsor other versions in Spanish, German, French, Urdu or any other languages, please contact: for more information.


Special Note:  If you are unable to access the video from your workplace, make sure to click the “CLICK HERE IF THE VIDEO IS NOT ACCESSIBLE” button.

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