Before introducing the first recommendation that will be made to IATA, ULD CARE would like to recognize the work of a very productive working group that has completed its mandate under the leadership of Charles Drummond of CHEP Aerospace Solutions.

The intent of this working group was to revisit the current UCR (ULD Control Receipt) which has not changed in many years and was mostly created for airlines, redesign it to make it accessible across the whole ULD logistics chain stakeholders (ground handlers, freight forwarders, etc.) and introduce an electronic version for ease of operations. More background information can be found in the presentation Charles made at the Vancouver Conference (B04-2 E-UCR Advisory Group Update).

This working group was formed in Shanghai in September 2012 and has now submitted its final report.  You may read their update and recommendations in the Deliverables and Initiatives section of the ULD CARE website in the following documents: 

We invite you to review the above documents and should you like to provide some comments before these proposals are tabled at the ULDP meeting in Hong Kong, please do so urgently.

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