ULD CARE Latest News

ULD CARE brings you articles that can be considered as “Core” to any organization involved with ULD operations. In this issue: ULD Storage, ODLN (Operational Damage Limits Notice), ULD and Responsibility, Recent Developments Regarding Air Cargo Fires.

First, as we promised, we would like to update you on the progress made towards the selection of a date and location for our next conference and, most importantly, introduce two of the recommendations ULD CARE will put forward at the next ULDP meeting in Hong Kong, September 10-11, 2013.

We can confirm that the next ULD CARE Annual Conference will be held in Germany and will be in early fall – mid to late September 2014. We are happy to inform you that we have already initiated discussions with the company that will Host the event and hope to confirm the details in the very near future.

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