ULD CARE Latest News August 2014

The ULD CARE Annual Conference is only 10 days away. The Program Outline we published in our last newsletter seems to have triggered a lot of enthusiasm and interest as already by the end of July, we were well in advance of the regular hotel booking pattern for this event.

Very considerable effort has been going into creating a value packed agenda under the «Mainz 2014 – Call to Action» theme and we look forward to seeing you all on September 8th.  At time of going to press, we already have confirmed participation from 26 airlines and 24 non-airlines for a total of 91 delegates and the Spousal Tour Program sponsored by Cargo Network will gather 9 participants. You can find the Detailed Agenda and Attendee List on the ULD CARE website.

This is the 2nd conference we hold since IULDUG became ULD CARE in 2012 and since we introduced our website and regular bi-monthly newsletters.   We are happy to report that the distribution of our newsletter has increased by 33% since the first edition in March 2013 and that our readership is well above the industry average for that type of publication.

With a stated objective of promoting the widespread awareness and understanding of ULD operations across the entire spectrum of airline and air cargo operations, the ULD CARE website, with its ever-increasing content of reference material, will continue to be a backbone of our future efforts in this direction.

We hope you will enjoy reading the 3 articles featured in this newsletter:

  • ULD Transfers between Different Parties
  • AC 120-85
  • Single and Double-Stud Fittings

ULD Transfers between Different Parties.  ULD CARE holds the view that owners of ULD should enjoy 100% visibility of their ULD assets 100% of the time.  The IULDUG System operated by ULD CARE can provide that.  What is needed now is the necessary resolve within the industry to achieve the aim that every single transfer of ULD between parties be instantaneously reported, recorded, and the information available to the ULD owner. (See the article in the Regulations Section)

AC 120-85.  Understanding the content and purpose of this FAA document.  (See the article in the Airworthiness Section)

Single and Double-Stud Fittings.  This article is about very small pieces of air cargo equipment, small enough to fit in one’s pocket, but yet that have a very big role to play in cargo restraint. (See the article in the Airworthiness Section)

Enjoy the articles and do not hesitate to forward them to your colleagues and industry friends. Better yet, invite them to sign up for free so that they can be on the distribution list for future ULD CARE newsletters.

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