ULD CARE Latest News Febuary 2014

ULD CARE’s first newsletter of 2014 brings you 3 articles that we hope you will find of great interest for you, namely:

  • Life Limitations of ULD
  • Mandatory Reporting Requirements for Ground Handlers
  • IATA ULD Regulations 2nd Edition

Although the new year is still young, an important meeting already took place at the IATA offices in Geneva on February 11 and 12: “ULD Regulatory Forum – Harmonizing Regulatory Requirements and Global Standards”. The intent of this forum was to provide an excellent opportunity for all stakeholders to:

  • Understand the sometimes indistinct and misunderstood regulatory framework around ULDs;
  • Understand the unique challenges resulting from the complexity of today’s ULD operations;
  • Clarify the responsibilities of all parties involved;
  • Recognize the IATA ULD Regulations as one means of compliance and agree on the industry action plan for implementation.
  • Our president, Mr. Urs Wiesendanger of Air Canada, attended this Forum together with another ULD CARE Board Member, Mr. Frits Roukens of KLM Cargo.

In the very near future, three other important meetings will take place, i.e. the IATA World Cargo Conference from March 11 to 13 in Los Angeles, the SAE Age-2A Cargo Handling Committee Spring Meeting hosted by EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) and held at the EASA Headquarters on April 1 and 2 in Cologne, Germany, followed back to back by the IATA ULDP Spring Meeting (April 2-3) in the same facilities.

ULD CARE’s mission is to use the collective resources, skills and grass roots experience of its membership to provide direction and deliver appropriate changes in ULD operations throughout the global air cargo operating environment. As such, we are very happy to confirm our co-operation with ASA.

We would like to remind you that our Annual Conference will be held in Mainz, Germany from September 8 to September 11, 2014. We will soon start working on the agenda and welcome you suggestions which you may send to the following email address: louise.ladouceur@uldcare.com.


Now for this edition’s articles… 

Life Limitations of ULD. This article outlines a whole new set of rules governing the safe life for containers, pallets, nets car cargo straps.
(See the article in the Compliance Section)

Mandatory Reporting Requirements for Ground Handlers. This new development was signaled to you in our latest newsletter and will continue to be of significant importance in its application.(See the article in the Regulations Section)

Finally, we are happy to announce the publication of the IATA ULD Regulations 2nd Edition. Our article is meant to highlight some of the most important changes brought about since the first publication was issued in January 2013. (See the article in the Regulations Section)