ULD CARE Latest News October 2013

ULD CARE is proud to bring you new articles that should really catch your interest, namely : Lots going on in the World of ULD, Slave Pallets: A Low Cost Solution to ULD Handling and Storage and The Dollars and Cents of ULD!

ULD CARE is proud to present you its 4th bi-monthly newsletter with 3 articles that should really catch your interest, namely:

This last article is of such importance that we have also published it as a stand-alone on our Home Page. The above 3 articles can all be found in the Education Section under CARE.

First, we would like to update you on the two recommendations ULD CARE made at the ULDP meeting in Hong Kong last September on the redesign of the UCR (ULD Control Receipt) and on the Changes to the IATA ULD Identification Code System (4th position).  Both recommendations were tabled as planned.  They are now being reviewed and shall follow the various steps towards final approval which, because of the IATA endorsement process, may not necessarily be given in time to be reflected in the 2nd edition of the ULDR.

Regarding the 2014 ULD CARE Annual Conference, we announced 2 months ago that it would be in Germany in September 2014.  Although we cannot announce the exact date and venue at this time, it looks very promising that the conference will be held in the Frankfurt area from September 8 to September 11.  We should be in a position to confirm this before the New Year.  Why not mark your calendar tentatively.

Reporting on progress made recently, while in Hong Kong, ULD CARE met with the C2K leadership to discuss an agreement that will involve the freight forwarding industry.

Finally, in our continued efforts to reach out to the Ground Handling community, we are happy to inform you that ULD CARE has been invited to make a presentation to the Board of Directors of the Airport Services Association (ASA) on November 18, 2014, during the Ground Handling International Annual Conference in Madrid. We look forward to this great opportunity.

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