ULD CARE Latest News October 2014

The 2014 Annual Conference is already six weeks behind us and we are now currently working towards next year. If everything goes according to plan, we should be in a position to announce the date and location for 2015 very shortly.

Mainz2014In the meantime, we invite you to have a look at some of the pictures taken during the Farewell River Cruise Dinner Event held for those who attended the Mainz Conference.  Thank you very much to Palnet Air Cargo Products who sponsored that event for everyone’s enjoyment. Follow this link to see the pictures. 

A variety of recommendations were made in Mainz and we are happy to inform you that for those who requested a ULD CARE Member signature for emails, it is now available at the bottom of the membership section of the website.  If you are a ULD CARE member, you are welcome to use this Member badge.

Thanks to your participation, the ULD CARE website section titled Annual Conference and Events has been updated to reflect the most popular upcoming gatherings of Cargo Industry Stakeholders throughout 2015.  We welcome your input at any time during the year so that this informative section is kept alive and reliable.

Our first newsletter was published in April 2013 and 18 months later, there are currently close to 30 articles published on our website under its different sections:  Compliance, Airworthiness, Regulations and Education.  To make things easier for you to browse among these articles, we are now publishing a Newsletter Index at the beginning of the Newsletter Archives section.  Furthermore, an automated Search Engine has been added to our website and can be found at the top right corner of the Home PageIt is still in the “testing mode” but should be functional in the next coming days.

We hope that you will enjoy these added features. 

Now for this month’s featured articles:

  • ULD Identification Codes demystified
  • ULD and Pull Straps

ULD Identification Codes demystified.  The marking of a ULD is a combination of 10 letters and numbers used to define the necessary characteristics of that particular ULD.  Find out in this article what these characters mean. (See the article in the Education Section)

ULD and Pull Straps.  This article is about small however important items of air cargo equipment that do not generally draw a great deal of attention. (See the article in the Compliance Section)

Enjoy the articles and do not hesitate to forward them to your colleagues and industry friends. Better yet, invite them to sign up for free so that they can be on the distribution list for future ULD CARE newsletters. 

It is still in the “testing mode” but should be functional in the next coming days.

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