ULD CARE launches its new website.

A great information tool available to all the air cargo industry.

ULD CARE is delighted to inform its membership and the global ULD community that its new website is now live and can be found at www.uldcare.com.

This achievement marks a significant milestone in our journey to develop a greatly increased awareness of ULD issues. This is the first ever website exclusively dedicated to ULD industry matters.

ULD CARE is all about supporting our members in the field of ULD Management and Operations. To achieve this we needed an effective communications platform and our new ULD CARE website is just that. It is our goal to make it a reliable resource to our members so that it becomes your first choice for guidance on ULD matters.

The website contains a framework that will be dynamically updated with helpful and informational material. With so much happening around ULD these days our challenge will be to prioritize articles and bring you the most important news to keep you abreast of the latest developments in the ULD industry.

While ULD CARE is placing a lot of emphasis on this new initiative, the tracking of ULD assets with our multilateral ULD Control System remains our core activity. ULD CARE will continue to provide this efficient and reliable service, and we have every expectation that its scope can expand to track all ULD transfers across the entire logistics chain with a commitment to embrace proper ULD handling procedures.

And there is more:  ULD CARE is working to launch additional projects such as the ULD CARE Newsletter which will be coming to you on a regular basis very soon

Enjoy the new ULD CARE website and let us have your feedback. Do not keep this a secret! We strongly encourage you to forward the link to your colleagues and friends:  www.uldcare.com

See you in Vancouver!

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