I’m a ULD…

Don’t try to operate and handle me without training


1. Make sure you have the correct and current training before you work with ULD.
2. Undertake only authorised training.
3. Do not do something just because a colleague does it


Safety in aviation is dependent on embedded staff competence, ULD operations are no exception, any person having any interaction with ULD shall have both a basic knowledge of ULD and detailed knowledge of the specific tasks being carried out, with formal records of completion of required trainings being maintained in a LMS.

The processes of building up ULD and moving them to an aircraft  requires considerable human intervention and very limited automation, and may be carried out far from the airport. Often operations are carried out under time pressure and in difficult conditions. Without formal training and processes the application of “tribal knowhow” can easily lead to unintended outcomes.

The widely held view that ULD operations are  simple and  do not require and particular knowledge results in widespread safety failures and ULD damage.

Include ULD specific training in company training programs and monitor through the use of learning management system.