Important announcement Coronavirus & ULD CARE

Coronavirus and ULD CARE

Urs, Bob, and the directors of ULD Care are of course hugely concerned at the effects of the global Coronavirus, not only on the health and wellbeing of our entire membership but also the unprecedented collateral damage being imposed on the global aviation industry with its impact on our many members and associates.

At this time it is close to impossible to see more than a couple of days ahead, but we would like to advise you all that fortunately we have a strong financial position with very adequate reserves and low operating costs. This means we will not face any difficulties maintaining the operation of the IULDUG system, keeping our web site up and any other basic functions.

As far as the 2020 conference is concerned there is far too much uncertainty at present to make any predictions as to when we might sit around a table again, we will defer any decision on this event until end May at which time maybe some clarity will have appeared.

Meanwhile we do wish the best of health to all our members, and remain optimistic that this will pass us by and that there is a future for ULD CARE.

Stay Safe