News Flash no 53 – July 2023

Meet us in Athens!

ULD Care | Athens 2023 Conference

ULD Care, ACHL, Airport Services Association and CAAS Int. have joined forces and will be holding their event at the same time and location to enable ground handling and airline decision makers to meet in person.

Join us for this coming event that will bring back all major ground handling companies and stakeholders under the same roof.


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Learning. –
A ULD is NOT just a box.

Take a walk around pretty well any ramp or warehouse where ULD operations are taking place and you will see a great deal of human intervention taking place. Whether it’s moving ULD manually or driving a forklift. So, although there are a few highly automated cargo terminals with a minimal amount of manual activity, these are few and far between. And while on one hand, both IATA and ULD CARE have put considerable effort into trying to build awareness of the importance of appropriate expertise around ULD operations, the goal posts seem to move further away every day. Especially with the very significant manpower turnover experienced throughout the air cargo industry.

ULD CARE acknowledges that the industry faces considerable management challenges in terms of maintaining an appropriate level of expertise across their workforce. However, on the other hand, there is plenty of evidence to show that staff retention can be improved significantly if employees are given the sort of training that makes them feel valued.

ULD CARE continues to collaborate with our partners at Airport College in Helsinki to develop appropriate learning experiences that can support a greater level of ULD knowledge across the entire industry.

When it comes to learning, the Future is Now.

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