Newsletter no 51 – May 2023


New members

ULD CARE is delighted to welcome three new members to our community, on the airline side we have Amazon and Challenge Airlines, while on the non-airline side we have Mercury ULD.

Digitalisation –
the key to enhancing ULD management.

It is quite impossible to imagine the aviation industry without ULD. They are the oil that lubricates the gears of air cargo, helping to support the spectacular growth of the industry over the last five decades and delivering benefits to all stakeholders. But these benefits have not come without some costs. And in the opinion of ULD CARE, the burden of these costs falls disproportionately on the owners and operators of the ULD’s, who have to struggle on a daily basis to keep the whole machine functioning, a job they do remarkably well considering the many moving parts they have to manage.

One of the weak links in the ULD control chain is the use of paper-based ULD Control Receipts (UCR) to record the movement of ULD when they go off airport. Actually, the design of the UCR, constructed five decades ago, remains perfectly adequate as a paper form. However, in the modern world paper forms no longer have their place. We are all accustomed to managing our affairs digitally so why should the recording of the transfer of a ULD asset between parties not be part of an end-to-end digital process?

The origin of ULD CARE lies in the Interline ULD User Group system, set up in the 1970s and 50 years later still processing transactions of ULD between our member airlines, providing them with visibility and control of those ULD that move out of their own networks. It is ULD CARE’S overriding ambition to take our experience in this function and expand it to cover transfers of ULD when they move off airport. Providing the visibility of these transfers to a wider range of stakeholders including, of course, freight forwarders who today make up by far the largest participant in interparty ULD transfers.

The capture and display of the UCR using digital techniques are now well within our grasp. The time has come for ULD CARE to realize this ambition and set in place a process that will support efficient and sustainable ULD operations for the next 50 years. The Future is Now.

Join us in Athens to be a part of this conversation.